Dry cleaning and laundry at the tap of a button!

DRYV's take on modern laundry and dry cleaning

At DRYV, we understand that it’s hard to find time to wash and dry clean your laundry. We take what used to be a chore, and made it a high quality, enjoyable experience. If feels great to have your fresh clothes delivered back to you looking better than ever. All from your home or office in Lincoln Park, simply request a pickup via the mobile app and a driver will arrive promptly to whisk away your dirty laundry. You can track your order via the app and you’ll receive SMS notifications when it’s finished and an emailed receipt. We then deliver it back to you at a time of your choice - 7 days a week! People in Lincoln Park, and all over Chicago are loving this service.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Delivery in Lincoln Park

The Chicago community of Lincoln Park lives 3 miles North of the Loop which makes it a great home for many busy professionals and families. DRYV’s modern dry cleaning services was built for anyone who values their time. The neighborhood was named after Abraham Lincoln, and the actual park stretches for seven miles all of which falls well within DRYV’s large Chicago delivery area. Lincoln Park has become one of Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods as it’s very close to Chicago’s business district but maintains a true “park” atmosphere, it's the home to several museums and the Lincoln Park Zoo. The actual park gets 20 million visitors a year, which makes it the second most visited park in the United States. Visitors also love the on-demand aspect of DRYV’s dry cleaning service as the next day turn around is hard to get in this neighborhood.