Dry cleaning and laundry at the tap of a button!

DRYV's take on modern laundry and dry cleaning

At DRYV, our goal is to modernize dry cleaning and laundry delivery to provide you with the most convenient services possible regardless of your location. This innovation is rooted in technology, with the advanced power of the mobile device. With our app, you can request a pickup, have a driver at your door within an hour and have your clothes ready in less than two days. When your order is ready you'll be notified of your order's completion. Then all you need to do is schedule a delivery to your home or office in River North and you'll be reunited with your clean laundry within an hour. Available both nights and weekends, DRYV's forte is simplicity and convenience and is a great solution for any River North resident.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Delivery in River North

River North, fittingly named, is bounded by Chicago Ave. to the north, Michigan Ave. to the east and the Chicago River to the south and west. The area, once filled with factories and warehouses, is now thought of as a social hub. The growing, cosmopolitan neighborhood is characterized by art galleries, antique stores, boutiques and is the home to Chicago's highest concentration of restaurants.River North is home to many dry cleaners of varying skill and convenience. What set's DRYV apart is how well it can be adapted into your River North life. Whether you work or live in the hip neighborhood, DRYV allows you to schedule your laundry and dry cleaning. It helps you save time and in River North time is one of your most crucial assets. With the ability to track your DRYV order every step of the way, we know that we are the most dependable dry cleaning and laundry service in River North. Sign up and download DRYV today.