Dry cleaning and laundry at the tap of a button!

DRYV's take on modern laundry and dry cleaning

DRYV was started to modernize the dry cleaning and laundry experience. Using mobile technology, we’re able to offer a convenient pickup and delivery service par to none in the West Loop. With DRYV’s mobile app, you can request a pickup and have a driver at your door within an hour, and your clothes cleaned and ready in 24 hours. When your order is complete you’ll be notified via SMS and your receipt will be emailed. You can then schedule a delivery to your home or office and you’ll be reunited with your clean laundry. We service all of the West Loop along with most neighborhoods in Chicago. Available nights and weekends, DRYV focuses on quality, simplicity, and convenience allowing you to never worry about dry cleaning and laundry again. DRYV’s headquarters is also located in the West Loop.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Delivery in West Loop

Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood started as a warehouse district in the 1800’s which is still the underlying theme the area’s lofts, restaurants, and bars. What you’ll see in this hip urban environment is a wealth of art galleries and true loft spaces – the kind with exposed bricks, completely open layouts and wood beam ceilings. DRYV’s modern dry cleaning and laundry delivery service fits in very well with the locals as they tend to be technology early adopters and truly value their time. The West Loop is close enough to the Loop for a quick work commute but not engulfed by towering high-rises, the West Loop is a perfect middle ground for many of Chicago’s young working class and families just getting started, which is the perfect customer for DRYV’s high quality, modern laundry service.