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Terms and Conditions

Eligibility: Any person who opts in via the webpage dryv.com/degreedeodorant. A person may opt-in by entering their mailing address, selecting a preferred product, and agreeing to all displayed privacy policies.

Details of Offer: Receive one promotional gift box from DRYV and Degree Deodorant. The gift box contains one free product sampling from Degree Deodorant, $10 off a DRYV order, a Unilever coupon and a promotional item.

Duration of Promotion: Opt-in availability will run from April 15th - May 31st until supplies last. Offer to be fulfilled within 90 days of opt-in. Once Supply has depleted you will no longer be able to opt in to receive the promotion.

No purchase necessary: One promotional box allowed per person. Promotion lasts only as long as supplies last, if you opt in and supply is depleted then you will not receive a promotional box in the mail. Opting into the promotion does not guarantee you will receive a promotional box. The box will be mailed to the address that you enter. If you enter an address that is undeliverable - DRYV and Degree Deodorant are not responsible for lost packages or items sent to the wrong address. Items in promotional box are not for resale and can not be returned for any monetary value. The DRYV promo can not be combined with any other promo codes or existing credits.