Dry cleaning and laundry at the tap of a button!

DRYV - Corporate Dry Cleaning

Employee's love using DRYV to keep their work attire looking fresh. We partner with employers to provide a simple, free solution. We also work with property management companies to ensure tenants always have a convenient laundry and dry cleaning solution. More details on both programs below!


Corporate Dry Cleaning

Looking the best is part of being the best. The DRYV Employee program allows companies to give free time back to their employees. Since most professionals spend up to 10 hours a month worrying about dry cleaning and laundry, we set out to create a program that gives that time back. Imagine if everyone got an additional 3 weeks of vacation, while always looking their best at the office. Yes, we work with companies of all sizes, and employees can use this perk from their home.

No Set-up Required

We've built a turn key platform giving businesses the power of CLEAN in minutes. Users can simply sign up for a DRYV account using their work email address and they're all set.

We GO to your employees

The modern professional needs flexibility, and that's what we've built. We offer both office and home pickup and drop off.



Apartment Dry Cleaning Service

Onsite dry cleaners never work out the way they are supposed to and walkup housing has limited space for amenities. Property management companies and developers are all finding DRYV as a great fit for their projects. By offering DRYV to your tenants you now have the best dry cleaning service in town.

Simple for Tenants

Tenants can use the DRYV mobile app or website to schedule their pickups and deliveries. Drivers can come directly to your door, or leave your clean clothes with the door staff, you have complete control.

No Hassle

Your tenants can get set up in minutes, and no longer worry about laundry machines or dry cleaners. We're a modern amenity at zero cost to you!

Bring DRYV to your tenants today